Leather jackets can have different length. Each look has its own unique features that should be considered while choosing your own style. It is important to consider all details beginning from the length of a jacket and out to color.

For example, the color of a jacket is chosen based on personal preferences and physiological characteristics of the owner (skin color, hair color, eye color, etc.).

The length of a jacket is selected depending on the body size and figure. It happens that a jacket model doesn't fit because of the figure.

There are several rules for choosing products made of leather:

  • You shouldn't dress yourself in leather from head to toe (it would be more appropriate to use knitwear, silk, etc.)
  • You should add a proper perfume to the selected composition
  • Avoid too skinny leather clothes, because they look too extravagantly
  • You should choose high quality clothes without saving on price: you get a highly qualitative and practical item together with look esthetics