Characteristicsof real leather:

• Thermal properties. Real leather get warm fast if you touch it. If it stays cold, you are dealing with artificial leather.

• Effect of moisture. If you drop some water on leather, then real leather will absorb moisture and get dark. Artificial leather will not change.

• Thickness. Products made of leather are thicker than artificial leather products. If you are testing a product made of suede, the nap will bow by stroking over the suede leather and its color will get darker.

• Bending. If you bend a shoe and it straighten itself back up without leaving a trace, you are dealing with true leather.

• Selvage. A piece made of real leather has a rough selvage, artificial leather is smooth.

• Coloring. Rub the leather with a white rag. The color should not bleed.

• Seams. High quality leather products always have straight seams.

• Jacket lining. It is recommended to avoid synthetic materials because seams come apart easily and do not keep warmth.